Membership and Rules

Are there any seat rental fees?

FreeRolls does not charge anything to actually play any of our games. All charges for club access are as follows: Lifetime Membership Setup: $25 Daily Club Access: $10 Premium Seating Zone: $15/hr. Tournament Hourly Maximum: 2 Hours All money collected for tournaments will go into the prize pool to be paid out completely to winning participants.

How do I become a Member?

We will scan your government issued ID through our PatronScan system which will connect to our proprietary database to make a determination of Membership eligibility. If you are approved by our scan, you will pay a one-time $25 setup fee and we will grant provisional membership and you then may leave a form of payment at the Membership Desk along with your ID. Approximately once per month the FreeRolls Poker Club Membership Committee meets and reviews provisional members and makes a recommendation to approve or deny permanent membership status.

Do I pay the $15/hr. Premium Seating rate while in a tournament?

Yes. However, we cap this rate at 2 hours of Premium Seating Zone Access for tournaments.

Do I pay the club access fee if I am waiting to play a game?

FreeRolls has a special "FREEZONE" lounge where you will earn one minute of bonus time to your account for every minute you are waiting. You will also get a free concession plus a special gift from our FREEZONE sponsor!

Can my Membership be revoked?

Yes. The Membership Committee and Management can choose to revoke Memberships for violation of Club Rules, breaches of etiquette, non-payment of dues or fees, on a review of criminal background checks, or other reasons.

What types of poker games do you have?

We will spread any game or limit that our members want. But the most common games are $1-3 NLH, $5-5 NLH, $1-2 PLO, and $5-5 PLO.

Is there a dress code?

Casual but classy. Shorts are allowed but no tank-tops or ripped t-shirts.

Does Freerolls Poker Club allow for private events?

Absolutely! We are more than happy to accommodate any private or fundraising event. We can also hold a private game for friends.

What days are you open and what are the hours?

We are open 7 days a week from 11:oo am to 3:00 am, but will eventually open 24 hrs.

Why can’t I tip my dealer at the poker table?

Our promoters at the poker tables cannot legally accept tips. But members can purchase promotional chips from the promoters which they are commissioned on. Members may redeem the promotional chips for a chance at a monthly prize.

Do you serve food?

We have snacks and pre-packaged food that members can purchase, but we also have several partnerships with outside vendors that provide a full menu and delivery service.

Is the club only for poker players?

Absolutely not! As a member, you can come in and enjoy the cigar lounge, watch sports, play pool, or just relax at the bar area.

Do I have to check in just to watch TV or hang out?

To protect our status as a private club, FreeRolls Poker Club manages access consistently for all Members. Every Member must check-in and pay their daily access fee each time they visit the Club. This is important because Texas law requires any poker games to be played in a private setting. Among other operational details to ensure compliance, managing access in this manner properly maintains our private status.

I have friends that have never played poker but would like to learn. Does Freerolls offer poker lessons.

Yes. One of the perks of our members is taking advantage of our free poker lessons. For the convenience of the members and “teachers’, we will be doing lessons as a group and during certain days and hours.

Can I bring my own cigars into the cigar lounge?

Yes. While we will have cigars in inventory, we do allow our members to bring their own as well.

Do you serve alcohol?

Yes. FreeRolls will have a full bar with mixed drinks, beer, wine, wine coolers and more.