A Letter from Our CEO:
Slot-Themed Video Games

As a poker club that has always been a pioneer in the marketplace, our goal is to expand the market in as many legal ways as possible. Some of those efforts are mainstream while others may be a little more “out of the box”. We first test the legality of anything we consider offering at FreeRolls, and if we cannot be satisfied that it is 100% legal – we simply won’t do it.

We were first introduced to the concept of slot-themed video games in early 2019 and took several months to vet them out for legal compliance prior to adding them to our offering. After extensive due diligence on these games we, in tandem with our legal counsel, concluded that not only are these games legal, but they also would attract players who do not play poker. As you know, there are many more slots enthusiasts in the market than there are poker players, so we seek to expand by catering to that market as well.

One of the biggest misconceptions about these games is that they are slot machines. The games do work like slot machines from an aesthetic view; however, the software is written to enable a player to know the outcome of their play prior to playing which removes the element of chance.

In order for a game to be considered as gambling it must have all 3 of these distinct elements:

  1. Consideration (money required to play).
  2. Chance (not knowing the outcome of play).
  3. Prize (cash or other payout of value).

With these slot-themed games, we eliminate the element of chance through inclusion of a button on the game screen that will show a player the exact results of each spin to infinity (FUTURE OUTCOMES). By removing the element of chance, play of these games is not considered gambling in Texas; but we have taken things one step further by only allowing credits to be accessed as a free bonus with the purchase of a product or products at the club. No one can buy credits to play these games which removes the element of consideration from the play of the games. This is very similar to how the McDonald’s Monopoly promotion works where you get a game token with the purchase of a happy meal or other item.

FreeRolls Entertainment is 100% focused on offering a safe and legal casino-themed environment for all players no matter what games they like. As we have secured an exclusive with slot-themed game developers, we are excited to be the first and only poker club to offer these slot-themed video games!

We look forward to the future and while we do understand some will have reservations about our inclusion of these games – we believe that just like the legal poker clubs – these games will usher in a new era of legal entertainment for gaming enthusiasts in Texas.


Charles Potter
FreeRolls Entertainment